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2013 death of the High Street? Blockbuster video in admin

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2013 death of the High Street? Blockbuster video in admin

Post by Willow on Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:54 am

and the bad news continues, after HMV, Blockbuster Video UK has now gone into administration.

Once again the internet has seriously hit another company, how many people rent movies now? when you can via your games console?
It was only a month or so ago a new south park episode on comedy central had a Blockbuster Video theme to it where randy bought an old store and no one used it.

I can see a lot more companies going under this year. I think a combo of people unable to afford stuff and online being so much cheaper (until competition is wiped out) has meant so many people have shifted, the market was not big enough to sustain stores and online.

I think something will be lost, not able to walk into a store and look around maybe even find something you were not looking for and buy it. Online purchases are cheaper, but its is so cold.

People make out PC game sales are low but truth is they shifted online ages ago, I buy most of my PC games though steam nowadays (or via amazon ect) and not actually in store, I suspect that shift will move to consoles over this next generation.

Movies and games will be slower than music due to the much bigger files they have, but it will happen as broadband speeds improve in the next 10+ years.


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Re: 2013 death of the High Street? Blockbuster video in admin

Post by SturmKommando on Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:34 pm

i agree in that theres nothing like wandering round a shop, hands on, looking at products. I try to split my purchases between the net and in shops but it depends what im after. For exampl here in Holland a 1 metre HDMI cable will set you back around 10 pounds, online through amazon i got a 5metre one for 3 pounds delivered. I use that example as its proof of the blatent rip off the high street can be.....

As for the downloads issue, it wont be a problem IMO, here in Holland im downloading a 10gb blueray in 5-10 minutes depending on the time of day, so as broadband in the UK improves this shouldnt be an issue - maybe the 4G revolution will change the way it works too?


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