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E3 Goodness, or not.....

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E3 Goodness, or not.....

Post by Kamikaze on Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:46 pm

Basically E3 was a commercial and technological disaster for Microsoft and the Xbox One as a whole. They would have done themselves more good by not turning up at all.

Sony have taken complete control of Microsoft by manipulating MS' disasters and helping themselves which is not only good for them but also for us because it means we have a console that isn't as restricted as a maximum security prison.

What did you guys think of what happened at E3? You going to get the Xbox One at launch after all of this, and the massive price tag?!


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Re: E3 Goodness, or not.....

Post by Willow on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:58 am

going to pre order a PS4 NOW and get a Xbox One sometime, an achievement for buying first day is hardly great is it!


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Re: E3 Goodness, or not.....

Post by Shifty McNinja on Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:38 am

Have my xbox one preordered before E3 and see no reason to change it.

Better games coming for the Xbox, I am always online, I don't trade games that often, and neaither do I borrow them either.
I do use lovefilm for game rentals, but I can still use that for 360 if I can't get an xbox one title.

I will get the PS4 in mach next year, as although I am impressed with it and kudos to SONY for their attitude towards this generation, I am now pretty much an xboxer through and through... Don't like the controller on PS, and I am not sure about the venting on it either...

Yes the xbox is more expensive, but guess you are paying for kinnect really, and in time I can see some good uses for it.

I see some games are listed for £54.99, that is going to be my issue after getting the console lol.

to sum it up I do think MS are thinking long term...and I see where they are going and am willing to join them.

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Re: E3 Goodness, or not.....

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