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Are Sony and MS glory days over?

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Are Sony and MS glory days over?

Post by Willow on Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:59 pm

Been thinking about this for a few weeks, and the reality is both corporations are in a similar boat.

10 years ago people wanted MS broke up because they would simply dominate, but what has happened?

Sony use to dominate electronics such as TV's and Walkman's ect but now look!

2 Companies have proven serious competition to them Apple and Samsung

For Sony, Samsung seriously damaged its TV business with quality TV's of their own. And Walkman was smashed by Apple's iPod

As for MS Apple iPad has serious cut into windows sales as people buy tablets instead of computers loosing MS millions in licencing fees! and Samsung selling tablets and phones with Android OS also cuts into windows sales.

Windows phones and tablets while good, have sold very poorly. With the decline in PC desktop and laptop sales, MS glory days could be over. And lets not talk of the decline in IE use as well!

The same may be the same with Sony as well, which is why I believe the new consoles were not designed to be mega high end which would cost way to much to subsidise

So what does everyone else think!


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