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Games you ignored and then discovered long after release?

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Games you ignored and then discovered long after release?

Post by SturmKommando on Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:49 am

This thread is brought on by the sudden rush of blood i had today. A couple of mates have hassled me to buy Forza 4 ever since it was released but i never gave in until today when i picked a 2nd hand copy up - the decision was just based on replaying the demo last week and thoroughly enjoying it. When it was released it just didnt grab my attention but all of a sudden it seems addictive, fun and challenging?

At the same time i bought assassins creed, brotherhood and revelation 2nd hand (Thanks GAME for your 3 for 2 offer!). When AC was released it just seemed a very boring game that i could only see myself playing for a day or two and then putting on a shelf, never to be touched. Thanks to the 'games for gold' download of ACII i tried it and found myself really enjoying playing, absorbed in the story and even playing the non important missions just so i could find new ways to move around or kill people.

So is there anything out there that you swore to yourself you would never buy, only to find a copy in your hand months or years after release?


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Re: Games you ignored and then discovered long after release?

Post by Willow on Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:29 am

Assassins Creed was a great idea but the 1st game did not quite pull it off, 2nd game was much better!

I enjoyed Forza 4 as well as Forza horizon was sceptical when I first heard about it but it was good, and was fresh, different from the other games in the series

I'm not sure there are games that I swear I would not buy buy I generally buy games on steam on impulse if they go on game (usually indies)


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