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Job losses at Rare following Kinect sports rivals flop

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Job losses at Rare following Kinect sports rivals flop Empty Job losses at Rare following Kinect sports rivals flop

Post by Willow on Wed May 21, 2014 2:46 am

Can hardly say I'm surprised, shows demand for Kinect games almost none!


The really annoying part of this Rare saga is that, I used to be one of Rare's biggest fans in the 90's

with games such as Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark and the legendary Goldeneye on N64 so much was expected of them.
In effect after the late 90's Rare's output slowed down, I know a lot of workers left and set up Free Radical Design (now owned by Crytek) and are behind the much loved Timesplitters series of games.

Then they were sold to MS (they were owned by Nintendo at one time) and while they have done some good games like Kameo on 360. The heights they once scaled never returned.
The annoying point is with MS money they should have put some seriously good exclusive games out, but they have done so little and they have loads of classic IP's people want such as Perfect Dark, and Banjo. It annoyed me they never even made Killer Instinct for Xbox One it was farmed out to other developer.

As far as I'm concerned the soul of the company has gone, the founders have gone, most of the best staff have, so what is left?

A glimmer of hope could be round the corner as it is rumoured that Rare are to announce a new Perfect Dark game for Xbox One, supposed to be like Uncharted (one of my top games) I have my fingers crossed and hope to be impressed.

Maybe some new IP as well for good measure!

Job losses at Rare following Kinect sports rivals flop Willowsigcopy

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