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Grab youself a bargain!

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Grab youself a bargain! Empty Grab youself a bargain!

Post by Willow on Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:12 pm

I notice sales are on for both Xbox and Playstation at the moment

MS have a Ultimate game sale on which seems to be running all week with new titles each day as well as some deals that run all week!

today you can get Dragon Age 2 for £3.74! and a few other deals for today
One of the week long deals I would recommend Portal 2 as its a great title, or how about Witcher 2 for £4.94! or Deus Ex for £3.95

Even if you don't intend to buy anything I would take a look!

Sony have a some deals on, deals of the week, knockout deals and Big in Japan as well as Plus discounts!

Monkey Island pack for £5.84 is a good deal as they are classic games! A couple of Street Fighter games are on sale SSF4 for £3.99 (or £3.59 if plus member!) is a great deal!

I bought a load of stuff on the store just the other week, but I would also recommend Final Fantasy X X2 pack £15.49
and I am looking at House of the Dead 4 for £2.24 and Darkstalkers pack for £6.19 (£4.95 plus price) and I'm looking at Mega Man 10 for £3.29 (£2.63 plus price)

That's just a small look at some games that I think are worth getting! I suspected when these new consoles were released we would start to see some fantastic deals on games on the older systems, full games for in some cases less than £5! Which is good for MS & Sony, games developers as it brings them money in from games that may have stopped selling and for us as we can't afford every game so it enables us to pick up some games you thought about but were not sure about when they were full price.

I noticed not many deals on PS4 or Xbox One but that was no surprise. These deals prove there is plenty of life left in the old systems, especially if you want a massive catalogue of games for a low price!

I would also recommend Ratchet and Clank as well!  Very Happy 

Grab youself a bargain! Willowsigcopy

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