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Xbox One makes $400 million loss

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Xbox One makes $400 million loss Empty Xbox One makes $400 million loss

Post by Willow on Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:51 pm

ouch! or £238 million!

Was reading an article that suggested such


reality is launching a new console is very expensive and it does take a while to make the money back (if it ever does), its not just console manufacturing costs its also R&D, advertising and paying for exclusive ect

This is why I believe these new systems are only modest systems. They all MS, Sony and Nintendo need to keep costs down as much as I would have loved a console with a core i7 8 core setup and a Titan graphics card, it was never to be as the system would be mega expensive and even at £600 would be sold at a loss (a Titan graphics card is around £700 +) and people would not pay that except for ultra hard core, which would be a small group not enough though

It does make you think though, and make you appreciate they systems you have more

Xbox One makes $400 million loss Willowsigcopy

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