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Xbox 720 6x power of 360?

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Xbox 720 6x power of 360?

Post by Willow on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:22 pm

A leaked doc online seems to suggest so and the fact MS ordered its removal could prove its true http://www.computerandvideogames.com/354086/microsoft-lawyers-remove-leaked-xbox-720-document/

Looks like it will have Bluray this time, drives are much cheaper now than when PS3 launched.
If it is only 6x power then a low end cheap graphics chip is likely what it will use the £60 rumoured chip its likely to be. Also don't expect Epic's samaritan demo to run on the new console it requires 10x the power of 360.

My laptop is a higher spec than the rumoured new xbox! For 1080p dx 11 graphics, PC's are next gen now!

I recon if the rumoured specs are true it will be able to play 360 games in 720p but not powerful enough for 1080p on the top games.

lets be honest MS and Sony went high end with current consoles and made huge losses, Nintendo sold many units with a low end system. So I suspect the next PS and Xbox will be better than Wii U but not by the huge amount that 360 was over Wii

When ps3 was launched I was using a nVidia 7950 (basicly 2x 7900 cards strapped together) PC graphics card in the PS3 was a 7800 so basicly a top end graphics chip at the time, with some cut backs to it. This new system wont be anywhere near the top of the graphics chip tree that 360 was at the time. I'm wondering should I be worried?


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