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Unfinished games and bugs

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Unfinished games and bugs

Post by Willow on Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:15 am

It was inevitable this post would be posted. What is it with things these days, that companies think they can release products buggy or unfinished.
PS4 and Xbox One ship without features to be implemented later.

The ability to "fix" products later on has lead to games and such to be released when they are not ready. The treadmill of games released is obvious, look how they can give a launch day for a game many months in advance? does not matter its not finished they can patch it later so it goes!

It was inevitable to lead to a disaster and we see that in Battlefield 4. The desire to release on a set date rather than when its ready has resulted in this crash of epic proportions. Is it all Dice's fault? I fear EA pressured the release to be done to an exact time. They wanted it out to compete with COD Ghosts which was also released buggy, and badly coded / optimised. Shown in the PC version which required 6GB ram then dropped back down to 4GB when they started to optimise it.

In the end developers reputations will suffer and games sales will fall, as they have done with COD Ghosts which even including PS4 and Xbox One sales sold less than Blops 2

I was a games tester in 1998 at Europress in Adlington, Cheshire, and I know the procedures of testing (may have changed a bit now) and I also worked a weekend at Sony's testing department in Wavertreee technology park, in Liverpool. Sony had a list of things to test and if it failed one the game would be rejected, a game like BF4 would have been rejected.

I fear that with with the ability to patch games, had a serious side effect and that's games that should have been rejected or not passed, have been waved through. Especially big name games like COD, and BF4. Do you really think Sony or MS would say no thats not acceptable for release? and then the game arrive on a rival platform and not there own platform?

My advice to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, beef up quality control NOW. The backlash against BF4 has proved its worth it, and people may avoid Dice's next game until a few months after release if they think its unplayable, due to bugs

well that's my opinion!


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