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Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!

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Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!  Empty Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!

Post by Willow on Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:25 am


Some good deals in that lot especially Saints Row 4 for £10 (must be a gold subscriber!)

have a look!

I really like the fact they are doing some really good deals on the old consoles now! Last few months I have picked up a few games on them where as I may not have done.

Plus it gives some extra sales to games developers and MS and Sony can make a few £ so good for everyone!

Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!  Willowsigcopy

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Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!  Empty Re: Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!

Post by SturmKommando on Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:42 am

after enjoying SR3 so much im seriously contemplating getting SR4 (i saw the link from your FB page Willow).

Looks like theres some great deals on, just need to check my finances as im due to pay a bit of money out for some Speedway stuff i need to buy, i know £10 doesnt seem much but i'll end up buying a few things when im back home in the UK next week.

if only i could win the lottery i wouldnt have these worries  Very Happy 

Xbox deals Saints Row 4 £10!  Sturmk12

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